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Private classes

Private classes Not finding what you are looking for? Private classes are more flexible, with tailor-made schedules and curriculum. Available in French, Albanian and Serbian for all age groups. 20€ per hour, +6€ for an additional student

Institutions and businesses

Institutions and businesses Looking to train your employees in French, Albanian or Serbian? Since 2011, Alliance Française has successfully worked with institutions and private-sector companies to provide professional language training. Contact us to organize classes in your premises or at Alliance Française. 25€ per hour and per group (max 14…

Local languages

Tuesday, Thursday: 6-7 pm Albanian and Serbian Textbook: Shqip AL/Učimo srpski You just arrived in Pristina? You can count on the fingers of one hand the words you know in Albanian? Join our class to learn the language and manage everyday situations. Or, join our Serbian class to learn one…

Elementary (A2)

Elementary (A2) Textbook: Alter Ego +1/2 Speak about yourself and your environment, give your opinion on daily life topics. After completing the A2 level (90h), you can take the DELF A2 exam. The A2 level is divided in 3 modules of 30h. Each module will take 10 weeks, and costs…

Children and teenagers

Children and teenagers Textbook: Les Loustics/Adosphère It’s never too early to learn French! Through this class, children and teenagers familiarize themselves with French language and stimulate their intelligence and creativity through playful learning activities such as songs, games, role play and storytelling. Each module of 20 hours takes 10 weeks…

Beginner (A1)

Beginner (A1) Textbook: Alter Ego +1 Learn basic French sentences to introduce yourself and interact in everyday situations. After completing the A1 level (60h), you can take the DELF A1 exam. The A1 level is divided in 2 modules of 30h. Each module will take 10 weeks and costs 90€.…

Intermediate (B1)

Intermediate (B1) Textbook: Alter Ego +2/3 Acquire the linguistic skills to handle most situations in a French-speaking country, and master more com- plex grammar notions. After completing the B1 level (120h), you can take the DELF B1 exam. The B1 level is divided in 4 modules of 30h. Each module…

Advanced (B2)

Advanced (B2) Textbook: Alter Ego +3/4 Communicate independently, more fluently and with spontaneity. After completing the B2 level (150h), you can take the DELF B2 exam and apply for masters’ degrees in France. The B2 level is divided in 5 modules of 30h. Each module will take 10 weeks, and…