Local languages

    Tuesday, Thursday: 6-7 pm
    Albanian and Serbian
    Textbook: Shqip AL/Učimo srpski

    You just arrived in Pristina? You can count on the fingers of one hand the words you know in Albanian? Join our class to learn the language and manage everyday situations. Or, join our Serbian class to learn one of the official languages of Kosovo, which will help you communicate throughout the Balkans.

    Each module of 20 hours takes 10 weeks and costs 90€.

    Beginner   ­­ ­    ­­ ­  Monday, wednesday: 7-8 pm

    Beginner   ­­ ­    ­­ ­  Tuesday, thursday: 7-8 pm



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    • Siobhan 06/04/2019 @ 01:26

      Thanks, it’s quite informative

    • Aboardcertifiedplasticsurgeonresource.Com 13/07/2019 @ 21:45

      Thanks to the excellent manual

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