Initially established as a French Cultural Space (Espace Culturel Français aka ECF) in 2002, the Alliance française of Pristina was officially registered by the Kosovar authorities as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization in 2011.

The role of the Board is essential to the governance and sustainability of the Alliance française as an association. It ensures the Alliance’s compliance with its official status and mission and participates in the decision-making process concerning the Alliance’s strategic orientations. Besides, the Governing body is in charge of presenting on an annual basis, the association’s activity and financial report to the General Assembly, composed of all members who have paid their membership due.

The Board comprises of 7 members elected by the General Assembly for a 2-year tenure. Each elected member can serve up to two terms.

Governing Body Members (2017-2019):

President: Dafina BYTYQI

Vice-President: Florie BAJRAKTARI-VANHOVE

Secretary: Jean-Michel FEFFER


Avni KORAQI (2nd term)

Vlera KASTRATI (2nd term)

Alexandra FRANÇOIS