The DELF (Diploma of Studies in French Language) and the DALF (Diploma of Advanced French Language) are the only official language diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education.


The DELF and DALF diplomas are recognized worldwide. They have no expiry date and are valid throughout the candidate’s life as evidence for their level of command over the French language. They can be used as a passport for higher education or for access to French-language universities. For example, DALF holders are exempted from attending a language test for admission to a French university.


But above all, the DELF and DALF diplomas testify for language proficiency, making a candidate more attractive on the job market.


The Alliance Française de Pristina is the sole language centre in Kosovo accredited to host and organize each of the 6 independent exams corresponding to the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Those are:


- A1: Discovery
- A2: Beginner
- B1: Elementary
- B2: Independent
- C1: Advanced
- C2: Expert

Did you know?


• These diplomas are delivered in more than 160 countries.

• There are over 1,000 exam centers worldwide.

• More than 200,000 diplomas are awarded each year.


The Alliance française de Pristina organizes 3 exam sessions a year in February, June and September.




- DELF A1-A2 : 30 € (general), 25 € (Alliance student)
- DELF B1-B2 : 35 € (general), 30 € (Alliance student)
- DALF C1-C2 : 45 € (general), 40 € (Alliance student)